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Vaman Kriya

Vamana Kriya


The first in panchasodhana karma, this process requires good attention and skilled assistance. It induces expulsion of the stomach contents through the mouth. Kapha or kapha dominant diseases are selected for this procedure. Diseases like severe skin diseases (psoriasis, urticaria) bronchial asthma, mental disorders and so on. This process is not suggested for pregnant women, the aged, those suffering from cardiac problems and those who are not very strong.

On the previous day, the patient, who has undergone sneha sweda is given kapha increasing foods. The next morning, after ablutions and a hot water bath, the patient should be asked to sit in a relaxed manner in an armchair. Milk is commonly used for this purpose. For those with milk intolerance, sugarcane juice can be used. The patient has to drink as much as milk as he can. Then a paste of madana phala (10 gms) along with yashtimadhu powder (5 gms), vacha (5 gms), rock salt (5 gms) and honey (5 ml) mixed with milk should be given. Within a short time, the patient will feel nauseous and starts vomiting. All impure accumulated kapha will come out. Normally eight bouts are seen.

The attenders should hold the patient's forehead and massage his back and wipe away the sweat. Vomiting is stopped when the pitta or yellow colouration is seen, which is considered the correct symptom. If the bouts are less, vomiting should be by irritating the uvula by touching with the figers or a quill. Then allow the patient to wash his face and fingers with hot water. Then dhoomapana - inhalation of medicated fumes - is done. The smoke should be inhaled through one nostil and exhaled through the mouth and the other nostril. This should be done thrice.
After this, certain steps have to be necessarily followed called paschat-karma. These are mainly food restrictions, called samsarjana kriya. Just after vamana, if the patient is hungry, thin gruel is given. After ascertaining the digestive power, thick gruel, porridge, porridge with meat soup are given. The entire treatment takes 15 days.

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