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Infrared Rays
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Infrared Rays


Infrared light therapy is a unique form of treatment where the healing effect of light is utilized for treating various medical conditions. In this therapy, the injury site or the diseased part of the body is exposed to infrared radiation for a specific amount of time which provides relief from the discomfort. The biggest advantage of this therapy is that it is a very simple process and is absolutely painless. It gives the much-needed relief to the patient almost instantly. Moreover, the effect of an hour-long treatment remains for several hours.


Infrared light can be used for the treatment of minor problems like acne to more serious ailments like chronic arthritic pain or high blood pressure. Some important uses are as follows:

  • Cure for Acne - When infrared light is used to treat acne, ATP (Adenosine triphosphate, a molecule that transfers chemical energy within cells for metabolic processes) in the skin cells gets activated and kills the bacteria present in the skin pores. When there is no bacteria, the skin inflammation goes down and acne is cured.
  • Chronic Pain Relief - Chronic pain resulting from arthritis, neck pain or stiff muscles can be treated with the help of this therapy. When it is administered on a tender spot, the taut muscles loosen up and the accompanying pain is relieved.
  • Treating Sports Injury - Most of the aches, soreness and swellings that athletes suffer from are either due to sprains or due to nerve cell damage. These rays soothe the nerve tract and stimulate the pituitary gland which releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins are commonly referred to as 'natural pain relievers'. With the release of endorphins, pain is alleviated naturally.
  • Healing Diabetic Wounds - Diabetic patients have low levels of nitric oxide in blood because their insulin-dependent blood vessels become less responsive to nitric oxide. Hence, in case of an external injury, their wound takes longer time to heal up. Infrared light facilitates the release of nitric oxide, which in turn, improves blood flow. Due to increase in blood circulation, wounds heal up quickly.
  • Lowering High Blood Pressure - High blood pressure can lead to various life-threatening diseases like heart attack and stroke. When a person is suffering from high blood pressure, it means that the heart has to work hard to maintain proper supply of blood throughout the body. Application of infrared rays increases the blood circulation in the body. So, the heart does not have to strain itself to pump out the blood. This helps to reduce blood pressure.

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